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Consequences of Ambition Exposed at Macbeth, The Maid's Tragedy, and The Duchess of Malfi

Consequences of Ambition Exposed at Macbeth, The Maid's Tragedy, and The Duchess of Malfi Twenty-first century America praises the rough. The American fantasy urges us to set lofty goals and then trust the Protestant work ethic to achieve them-regardless of possible obstacles. Parents encourage their children to think about any and each career choice. Companies and schools stress goal-setting and observe productivity. Even a contemporary catchphrase like "The sky's the limit" and also even the Army slogan "Be all you can be"-that the material of graduation cards and commencement addresses-promote ambition. Yet vision has not always been appreciated. Seventeenth-century Jacobean play often sees it in a negative light. Unbridled ambition yields fatal consequences, the literature indicates. Macbeth, The Maid's Tragedy, and The Duchess of Malfi every illustrate the acute consequences of dream. John Milton takes the idea a step farther in Paradise Lost, depicting the most ambitious of personalities in addition to the appropriate way to deal with ambition, according to God's will. In Macbeth, fantasy first arises from Lady Macbeth, minding her worth. Instantly, she recognizes her husband's opportunity to increase in strength. She desires it so intensely that she voluntarily invites "spirits that tend on mortal thoughts" to fill her "from the crown to the toe top-full/ Of direst cruelty" (I.v.40-41)! Lady Macbeth intuitively partners ambition with cruelty. She considers cruelty necessary within her rise to power. She also fears that her husband will be "too full o' the milk of human kindness" to execute her plan (I.v.17). Ambition and kindness are somewhat mutually exclusive, she insinuates. Therefore, she views the merit as a wea...

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