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Essay about Immigration and Nativism from America

Immigration and Nativism in the USA In the USA, the cliché of a country of immigrants is frequently invoked. Indeed, not many Americans can trace their ancestry to what is now the United States, and the roots of its own immigrants have changed several times in American history. Despite the individuality of an immigrant country, changes from the roots of immigrants have frequently been met with resistance. What began using white, western European settlers fleeing religious persecution morphed into a multicultural nation as immigrants from countries across the world came to the U.S. in rising amounts. Like the colonial immigrants earlier, these new immigrants jumped into the Americas to gain liberty, flee poverty and famine, and also create a better life for themselves. Forgetting their roots because persecuted and excluded people, both the older and more established immigrants became more possessive in their nation and tried to exclude and persecute the immigrant teams from non-western European backgrounds coming in the U.S.. This aggressive, defensive, and xenophobic reaction to influxes of "brand new" immigrants known as Nativism wasn't far from the mainstream. Nativism became a portion of their American cultural and political arena and helped to shape, through grief, the face of america for many years to come. Colonial era immigration in North America began with Western Europeans looking for religious freedom across the Atlantic. Between the mid 1500s and 1790, the population of the colonies rose from zero to over 3 million individuals. [1] Virtually all of these immigrants were from northern and western Europe. In 1790, seventy-five percentage of the people were of British adequate while the 2nd largest ethnic group, ''...

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