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CREATED ON 26th March 2018

The Ramifications of Music Essay

Music is one of the few things that has remained continuous through the centuries this global world has existed. Not merely does music provide entertainment, it has several results associated with it also. Music allows feelings of sadness and happiness to arise. From those emotions, physical effects, positive or negative, can occur. Music includes a profound influence on the emotional, sociable, intellectual, and physical areas of a person. Emotions are influenced by outside forces easily. Music can provoke feelings of sadness, grief, joy, and ecstasy even. There are several different facets of music that change what sort of song is interpreted. From these interpretations come feelings. Among them may be the tempo, which may be the speed of the melody. If a tune is sad, the tempo is slower often. If a song is intended to be happy, the tempo is definitely light and quick. If the intention of a song is to bring about fear, it really is either gradual and eerie or quick and adrenaline pumping incredibly. Another factor of interpretation may be the key it really is in. An integral is, “a particular level or program of tones” ( There are 24 different keys that are sectioned off into two categories. These groups are minor and main. The major are made of more sharps, and the minor of more flats. The major key can be used to express feelings of joy and happiness. The minor key however, can be used expressing feelings of sadness, depression, and regret. When both are awkwardly combined, the main element of the music adjustments to neither main or minor, and is known as a dissonance. A dissonance can be thought as, “a simultaneous mixture of tones conventionally recognized as being in circumstances of unrest and needing completion” ( Whenever a passage of music runs on the dissonance, the ultimate objective is to create.

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