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The Damned Human Race by Mark Twain Essay

In Mark Twain's essay The Damned Human Race, he says that "it obliges [him] to renounce [his] allegiance to the Darwinian concept of the Ascent of Man from the Lower Animals; as it now seems plain to [him] that the theory ought to be vacated in favor of some new and truer yet, this new and truer one to be termed the Descent of Man by the Higher Animals" ( But this new concept would not be truer, it would not be true in any way. Man has not descended from animals, we aren't damned, and we are certainly not incorrigible. Rather, we're rightfully in our location over the other creatures and therefore are completely redeemable. Twain first makes the point that human beings are somewhat ineffective. He shows that through a story about a British earl who wished to go hunting to give food to keep up. He and his hunters set outside and had a marvelous time of it. That day, the guys murdered seventy-two buffalos but only ate a part of one of these and left the other seventy-one untouched. Admittedly, this is an excellent story to use in support of the thesis. But, one can also point from the lifestyle of the Native Americans who would discover such behavior repulsive. Thomas E. Mails studied the Native Americans for so many years. In his novel The Mystic Warrior, '' Mails claims that "the buffalo's customs and kinds have been analyzed intensely, and at the time the Indians put nearly every component of the beast to some utilitarian use" (Mail 188). He proceeds to demonstrate a visual aide tagging each component of the buffalo and listing the several ways that each part was utilized. For instance, the buckskin alone was used for moccasin tops, cradles, clothes, tipi covers, quivers, gun cases and many more things needed from the Indians to get dai...

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