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CREATED ON 26th March 2018

Topic of Change in The Crucible, Sky High, Titanic, and The Colour Purple

The global social systems through history and today are a continuous motion of change found in psychological, physical and mental routines. Changes change perception and perception can control things to change. "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, "Sky High" by Hannah Roberts, "Titanic" directed by James Cameron and "The Colour Purple" by Alice Walker, convey the idea of change in an inevitable occurrence or voluntary decisions throughout all aspects of life. Through the four texts, many techniques are utilized to depict these messages, for instance, anecdote, juxtaposition, songs, and film methods. Miller incorporates the character Reverend John Hale in "The Crucible" as representation of the entire changing town of Salem. Hale is a paradoxical figure that discovers the absence of evil from the people due to the injustices of court decisions. When Rev. Hale first arrives in Salem in Act one, he is quite objective about the entire case of witchery. He concerns Tituba and Abigail about each of the events which occurred in the woods like the girls' dance, and he believes "witchery" was included. The Salem witchcraft trials began as a result. Hale's personal feelings tell him that Abigail and her friends are innocent, but his Puritan background prevents him from questioning the authority of the court. However in Act Three, Hale realizes that John Proctor, the accused, is an honest man when he would willingly ruin his own reputation in the hopes of exposing Abigail as a "whore", and denounces the proceedings and left. Ironically, Rev. Hale returns to Salem to encourage the accused to lie in order to save their lives. This demonstrates that Hale's beliefs changed dramatically as a consequence of the injustices of the court. He be...

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