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Dating of Walcott's Poetry with History Writer

Discuss the connection Walcott's Poetry has with Background. How is this demonstrated in his poetry? 'I've Dutch, nigger and Language inside me, and either I am nobody, or I'm a country' This is a quote from 'Shabine', a Walcott personality. A central theme that runs through Walcott's poetry is that his search for individuality. In many of his poems he focuses on an internal dissonance between based cultural heritage within his African, English and Caribbean ancestry in developing one that encompasses every individual without disregarding the following. He appears to be in continuous pursuit of a feeling of atonement; it seems he can only gain from returning into his pre-slave transaction ancestors. Walcott also identifies the past so he can begin to understand and warrant the circumstance in which these events occur. 'A Far Cry from Africa' is just one of Walcott's poems that explore his feeling of identity where he investigates how and when he can integrate both African and English elements of his ancestry without feeling he has deserted either. Walcott encounters, what's been described as, 'cultural schizophrenia' if he investigates his cultural origins. 'The gorilla wrestles with the superman. I who am poisoned with the blood of the two, where shall I turn, divided to the vein?' His usage of 'contested with the blood of both' suggests that he sees neither English or African heritage any better than another and every representing polar opposite qualities, '' 'gorilla', being pure all-natural urge, 'superman', representing an outstanding intellect and a kind of 'mind over body' mentality. Even the gorilla and superman wrestling can be taken in two unique manners; Walcott verbalising his inner battle, or he could be referring to this European colonisation of Africa in the late ninetee...

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