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Essay about The Effects of Color on Learning

The Effects of Color on Learning As a freshman in the University of South Alabama, I haven't yet discovered my way around campus or seen every one of the facilities open to me. Although I'm not very familiar with the entire campus, I've discovered something that may enhance the areas every student uses - the classrooms, particularly in the Humanities building. A very simple and inexpensive method to enhance these rooms of learning is to repaint them. Painting the classrooms wouldn't just affect the beauty of these walls, it'd increase the productivity of these pupils sitting inside them. A number of studies have been performed to find out the effects of color on pupil learning. By looking at these studies and the opinions of many students, it's apparent that student performance could be greatly enhanced by repainting classrooms from the Humanities Building. As you know, every degree provided at South Alabama requires courses such as English 101. So every student who graduates from the University of South Alabama takes at least one class from the Humanities construction; many take three. Because its classrooms are utilized by numerous students, it is a great candidate for a new coat of paint and color scheme. I recently conducted a survey of fifty students on campus. Each person was randomly chosen and asked whether or not they liked the wall color in the Humanities building classrooms. The results concluded that thirty-two of the students did not like the color scheme and eighteen did not care either way. Not one student claimed he or she liked the color scheme. 1 student even claimed that the classrooms reminded her of a prison (Montee). Although the statement might appear humorous, it is not a laughing matter. Students should not fe...

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In Susan Collins's book the "Hunger Games" the character of Katniss Everdeen is considered by many people to be a good example of gender role reversal. Even though Katniss truly does portrait various traits that will be considered assertive in associated with themselves, in addition, she portrays female traits. Her possession of these kinds of feminine actually instinctually motherly traits drive my opinion for the thought that these traits are more due..
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Relating to Cruz, sexual violence "is not simply a tool of patriarchy, yet also a device of colonialism and racism" (Smith 2006, 8). Therefore, women will be being forced to suffer mistreatment, which injuries their identification. Because of colonialism, Native females often end up forced into silence about sexual and domestic physical violence in their communities. By being silent about sexual and domestic violence, Native communities are "able to maintain..
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Dan Brown's novels and so are with intriguing plots, interesting characters, and explore diverse countries. Several characters seem to be irrelevant, or perhaps they are simply there to increase the story. Yet , some may actually be important. Characters that seem to be normal are actually significant, sophisticated, and are at times evil.Angels & Devils starts off in Robert Langdon's home, in Massachusetts, in present day period. Langdon comes up by Maximilian..
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The United States (US) is normally described as a "melting pot" in which many different cultures coexist in one unified country. Over time, many people have immigrated to the, bringing their very own cultures with them. Migrants occurs for reasons including religious approval, economic chance, safety, and the pursuit of the life. The numerous immigrants right now residing in the usa often decide together in areas that form their particular discrete mini-cultures,..
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