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Comparing Albert Camus' The Unknown person and Va Woolf's To the Lighthouse

Man's Place in Culture and Character in Albert Camus' The Unknown person and Va Woolf's To the Lighthouse A general assumption root the artwork of composing is usually that "vocabulary styles and can be formed by the encircling culture" (McCarthy 41). Writers of an age group attempt to influence a message through their composing, and unavoidably this telegram to culture shows the character of the article writer in response to his environment and historic circumstance . In this light, Albert Camus' The Unknown person (1942) and Va Woolf's To the Lighthouse (1927) are items of two independent ethnicities in an overlapping period period; Camus' sparse minimalistic writing and Woolf's lyrical, indulgent discourse symbolize two different stylistic strategies to a related theme. The French existentialist and the English language feminist clearly adjust the story framework and use signs and metaphors of character to recommend the depersonalization and supplementary importance of the person in a culture essentially incompatible with and indifferent to guy. In particular, two excerpts from Camus and Woolf provide a wealth of stylistic devices in connection with their intended themes. From The Stranger, the chosen passage tells of the primary character's (Meursalt) confrontation with a threatening Arab and his resulting murder. The selection from To the Lighthouse explains the general passing of period, utilizing a even more poetic way with its emphasis on explanation over story. Change in the globe correlates with change in its literature's technique of manifestation; an understanding of Camus' and Woolf's modern cultural background provides understanding into the beginning and purpose of their functions. Created in Algeria in 1913, Albert Camus grew up in a challenging, working-class Algiers region and.

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