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Essay about Investigation of Management Theories

Management theory could be traced back centuries. It seems to have started at the start of the nineteenth century together with the development of industrial revolution. There are four chief areas that management theories tend to follow. These basic theories can be classified as Classic, Human Relations, System and Contingency. Most recently, the contingency theory has become popular (Mullins, 1999). The contingency concept is very similar to philosophical concept in producing the assumption that there's not any answer to management. No simple or proper way in every circumstance. The situational theory is concentrated on the chief behaviors with specified situational factors (ChangingMinds.Org, 2010). The contingency theory takes a broad view including contingent variables about leader capacity and the situation Contingency theories also argue that a leadership style that is successful in some situations might not be prosperous in others. In other words, the optimal leadership style is contingent upon various internal and external limitations. These limitations can include: the size of the firm, how it adjusts to its situation, differences among resources and operations tasksand managerial assumptions about workers, strategies, technologies used. Contingency concept of direction the use of various contingencies in the kind of subordinate, the success of the pioneer is, task, and group factors. The potency of a particular pattern of leader behaviour can depend upon demands imposed by the situation. Different organizational situations can demand these theories might be suitable. No one contingency theory has emerged as a universally accepted style. Fiedler's contingency theory The oldest and most extensively research...

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