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A Christmas Carol Essay Illustrations

A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens in 1843. Life for the decrease class during this period was extremely hard because of enormous amounts of disorders, young children worked and no schooling. A Christmas Carol was put in mid 19th century, even in that time individuals had a really lousy time; most of the people was jobless and the people who had been employed were compensated deficiently, others were casual or seasonal, which meant they were if work was available so the majority of the families lived in poverty which means that they didn't have access to fine food and clothes and children were also used for the household income so that the children had to work at work houses. In contrast the wealthy people had access to physicians, lots of food and didn't need to operate, had nice clothes to use and had a nice life. Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol to Emphasize the plisht of this bad. A Christmas Carol is divided into five star. The first stave is really a prologue in which Dickens introduces the reader to scrooge as well as his or her characteristics. In the next stave Dickens writes about the phantom of yesteryear who takes scrooge into the past and shows him what occurred in his important components of the life. From the third stave Dickens writes concerning the phantom of the current where the ghost of current shows scrooge what was happening at the current. In the fourth stave scrooge is fulfilled by the ghost of the future and he's shown what is going to occur in the future to him and people around him. The final stave is the epilogue, where dickens finishes the novel by showing the reader the way Scrooge changes his traits and revolutionizes. Ebenezer Scrooge is described as miser and man of 'company' and that he was also portrayed as tight fisted hand and he was described as a squeezing,...

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