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Article on A Way to Solve the weight-loss puzzle

A solution to the weight-loss mystery What's 5-HTP SUPPOSED TO DO? The purpose of taking 5-HTP is to decrease carbohydrate cravings, and thus, reduce food ingestion, leading to weight reduction. In addition to promoting weight loss, it has also been associated with beneficial effects on behaviors such as sleep disturbances, narcolepsy, depression, migraines, anxiety, bulimia, PMS, compulsive behaviors, substance abuse, childhood hyperactivity, and hypersexuality. WHERE DOES THIS 5-HTP COME FROM, AND HOW IS IT TAKEN? 5-HTP is obtained by extracting it from the seeds of a legume named Griffonia simplicifolia, which is found in West Africa. It is recommended to take anywhere from 50mg to 900mg 5-HTP each day, based on the needs of the individual. It's offered in either a capsule or a drink mix. It should be taken between meals (at least 30 minutes prior to each meal to prevent its interaction with other amino acids and to make sure its effectiveness. How Can 5-HTP WORK? A deficiency in the neurotransmitter dopamine (5-HT) has been linked with numerous behaviours mentioned above. It has especially been associated with carbohydrate craving since eating carbohydrates is one way to briefly boost the brain’therefore level of 5-HT. This happens because carbohydrates induce insulin production, and this insulin boosts 5-HT production. A temporary sense of well-being and satiety occurs. From this, it was concluded that by raising the brain’s 5-HT amounts by means other than overeating carbs, these cravings could be avoided, satiety would be reached earlier, overeating could be prevented, and weight could be lost. So does 5-HTP possess this.

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