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Book Review of The Chrysalids Essay example

Book Review of The Chrysalids The future society depicted in "The Chrysalids" is still enduring the after-effects of a tragedy shipped by God, which all but destroyed the ancient world of the Old People. The survivors known as the disaster Tribulation. Nobody knows why it occurred, however, the narrator, David, attributes it to "a phase of irreligious arrogance", which God, in his own anger, punished. Only a couple legends of the Old People remain. Centuries (millenia?) Have passed, and the descendents of those Old People continue to pick up these bits. "The Chrysalids" is really a publication that deals with the dilemma of normality. Basically, to be considered normal you have to be in the majority. In the world David clarifies anything "not appropriate" is called a "Offence" and also a "Blasphemy". Mutants are viewed as the spawn of the devil and must be destroyed to preserve the real image. (Throughout history people have always wanted someone to persecute for the world's ills.) The reader will likely have guessed that this can be a world following a nuclear holocaust. But we don't actually know for certain. Other reviewers have hailed the scientific validity of radiation and its effects. For all we know it could have been a weapon much stronger compared to an H-bomb that triggered Tribulation. (Who knows what scientific marvels that the 21st century will bring? No one guessed atomic weapons at the start of the 20th.) I like the way the book has a go in the self-righteousness of religion. Just how far cruelty and suffering was inflicted on innocent people in the name of religion? How mutants are handled .

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