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Colonial Oppression of Women Essay

Colonial and Postcolonial disagreements together with the issues of Feminism have always been hard discourses. The current day world with the continuous cultural encounters and clashes as well as the notions regarding pluralism and multiculturalism motivates a curiosity on the part of the onlooker to search the answer to the query "who's who" in the world today when there's a continuous struggle between different countries not only politically and militarily but also culturally. In this situation the branch of this planet to First, Second and Third World nations also provides the chance and justifies the moves of some countries against others while encourages distinct definitions for words like tradition, modernity and culture. Literature is one of the regions where the unfair power relationships are often portrayed. Colonial and Postcolonial studies among other crucial approaches provide a suitable critical discourse to examine this issue in literary works. Feminist discourses share many similarities with postcolonial theory and because of this both areas have been associative, even complimentary; equally discourses are largely governmental and concern with the struggle against oppression and injustice. Moreover both reject the established hierarchical, patriarchal system that's dominated by the hegemonic white male and are inclined intensely to deny the supposed supremacy of masculine power and power. Both women and natives are minority groups who are unfairly treated by the intrusive 'male gaze' that is characteristic of both patriarchy and colonialism. Both individuals have been reduced to stereotypes and denied that a different, authentic identity by the systems which entrap them. In recent years postco...

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