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CREATED ON 25th March 2018

Safety And Privacy Online Essay

Many users are topic of Security and Privacy on the Online issue. The term "information" now is used when defining a special product or article of trade that could be bought, sold, traded, etc.. Often the purchase price of data is greater many times than the cost of their very computers and technologies where it's functioning. Naturally it raises the need of protecting data from unauthorized access, theft, destruction, along with other crimes. However, many users do not realize that they risk their security and privacy online. To begin with, I would like to clarify who the topics of this issue are. In my opinion, the matter is the most relevant for the personal and industrial details. Home users risk their security while connected with Internet. It's obvious that many men and women store personal information like Social Security and credit card numbers, as it is more convenient than to enter them each time finishing a form for an online purchase. Hackers do not need to attack every user individually, they compose particular viruses called "Worms" and "Trojan horses" that, after run, could distribute in a global scale. These programs may have different purposes from gathering personal data to logging pressed keys and e-mailing the data to a hacker. Even if a user does not keep any valuable information, their computer will not have a value for a hacker. "If you believe that your little computer couldn't become an item of offence because it is quite small, then you are mistaken. Even if it doesn't include anything worthwhile, it could be perfectly used for breaking in additional, more important system." (A. Zaharchenko, Futurology with no future [Computerra], 2002). Not seldom, competing entrepreneurs with the help of unlawful means wan...

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