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CREATED ON 25th March 2018

Sandscale Haws Essay

Sandscale Haws Physical Structure Sandscale haws are a large scale dune ecosystem in the uk. The dune ecosystem consists of many kinds of slopes, I will now describe the arrangement of Sandscale haws and the way it had been created. For slopes to sort there are a set of preconditions that has to be readily available- firstly a large source of medium grain sand., this can be significant as milder sand will drift too fast and thick sand can't be moved by the winds, luckily the duddon estuary provides this in Sandscale haws. Second there must be a prevailing breeze that's sufficient strength and consistency to form dunes. Finally there must already be some kind of obstruction e.g. rocks or drift wood where the dunes could be built up around. Sandscale haws are based upon a pebble beach that's been covered with sand by the end that has collected sand particles shape the estuary at low tide. The initial dunes that are found are embryo dunes, all these are dunes that have only been generated and will eventually become bigger until they become yellowish dunes "primary-dunes". These embryo cottages are created when a small item like a stone or shell interrupts the flow of the motion of sand with the wind. As this happens the object eventually becomes covered with sand. As it gets larger becomes more secure and for that reason habitable. Together with the saline conditions round the sea quite few plant species can colonise. Marram grass is among those pioneer species that can its covers the dune embryos also permits them to become more stabilised. The following formation phase is of fore dunes; these may be up to a meter large and will be the successors of both emb...

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