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Killing the Whales Essay

In 1986, The International Whaling Commission (IWC) employed a moratorium to prevent commercial whaling. Many people think that this will save the whales and end forever the industrial slaughter which had decimated the numerous distinct species. Being an animal lover and only getting back in Florida for more than a year, I realized how beautiful and important the sea and the animals that live in it's. In Florida I found lots of unique types of sea species, but I have not seen a whale in actual life. And that caused me to think. How protected are these creatures? I've watched tv programs about entire fleets of boats, and even a helicopter, out after whaling ships seeking to undermine their efforts so as to save as many whales as possible. Which are the loopholes these whalers are slipping through to still be able to kill these majestic creatures? For the exploratory newspaper I knew I wanted to explore this issue further, like what exactly the United States will do to protect against this, what states still practice whaling for financial gain, making them so desired and how many do you really will need to crop for scientific research? While looking through articles on the Academic Search Premier on D2L, I found that an International Whaling Commission post by Mark Simmonds that captured my eye. The article comments on the tradition of whaling along with a proposal ahead of the IWC which could possibly result in the resumption of commercial whaling, if this proposition passes it will mean that the time and millions of dollars spent over time on conservation will be thrown out. Simmonds states, “Even together with the memorandum, hundreds of whales are killed every year” (22). This is since the IWC allows nations to grant special permits to themselves.

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