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Jane Eyre Essay Illustration

"I am no bird and no net ensnares me I am a free human being with an independent will." (Bronte, Jane Eyre). This quote expresses Charlotte's beliefs on women's equalities. Charlotte Bronte was born in 1816. She was among six kids and lived in Yorkshire County England. She worked as a governess at the Sidewick family then from the White family for only nine months. Charlotte wanted more for herself, and none of her jobs satisfied her ambitions. When she moved back home, she discovered her sister, Emily's, poetry and decided to publish a selection of the poems all 3 sisters wrote. Some of this poetry is called: "Apostasy", "Life", and "The Teacher's Monologue" (Charlotte Bronte: A Brief Biography). Following this Charlotte knew she'd compose for the remainder of her life. Jane Eyre was the first publication of Charlotte's and was released in 1847. She thought this book would have an enormous impact on society's viewpoints. Charlotte disguised her identity so the writer would believe she was a male. With individuals believing it was a male writer; the publication became a success and has been very common. When her true name has been revealed, the ratings went down since this publication challenged conventional thinking. Although the public found out Charlotte was a female, Jane Eyre had already made an impact on society. No one thought a woman could write such a background making novel. "An eminent contemporary, really, has used the sharp vivacity of a feminine pencil to prove upon irresistible evidence that Jane Eyre has to be the work of a guy." (Shirley p. 49). Other critics from The Times said, "With all of its flaws Jane Eyre was a remarkable creation." (Shirley p. 47). Charlotte's novel influenced all, "woman or man, old or young, be that as it might, no.

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