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CREATED ON 22nd March 2018

Diagnostic Summary Paper on Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders are the most common psychiatric illness in the United States. Between 15 - 19 percent of the population suffers from the disorder, which impacts the quality of life and operation (Stuart 218). What's anxiety? Abnormal Psychology describes anxiety as "an adaptive emotion that helps us plan and prepare for a possible theat." The text book further says, "stressing about many distinct aspects of life becomes persistent, extreme, and foolish." This is also known as generalized anxiety disorder or GAD (Butcher 201). DSM IV-TR specifies that GAD is a worry that occurs more days then not for at least 6 weeks, and that it has to be experienced as hard to control (Butcher 201). 25 percent of the ones that suffer from this disease are treated, which makes a huge group in the people with stress without treatment. Though there is a high correlation of people with stress which use health facilities to treat the further symptoms that stress triggers (Stuart 218). The abstract stressing that's the basis for stress must also be accompanied by three of the six other symptoms. These signs include restlessness or feeling "keyed up," easily fatigued, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscular stress & sleeping disturbance (Butcher 201). Twice as common in girls, than it's in men, also in the age that it's reputed to occur is unknown due to reports that clients with GAD assume that they have had it all their lives (evenButcher 202). GAD has a higher correlation with other mood and anxiety disorders such as panic disorders, social phobias, specific phobias, PTSD, along with major psychiatric illness. Those with GAD will even encounter spotty panic attacks but don't fulfill the prerequisites to be identified with anxiety di...

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