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The Three Phases of the French Revolution Essay

History through out period has taken care of a cause-and-effect pattern with virtually all major occasions; the French Revolution getting no different. The philosophes influenced the French culture giving all the estates an opportunity to end up being educated by their functions. A few of these works also managed to get to the colonies in American and influenced them plenty of to draw out an uprising against England in 1775. During America’s fight for independence, French help was sent, like the leadership of Lafayette, who brought positive tips of liberty and justice back again to France after America obtained its freedom. The monarchy of Louis Marie and XVI Antoinette and their incompetence resulted in inflated prices, growing population, decreased salaries, and overall a decline in France’s profit general. Furthermore, Marie Antoinette’s shelling out for lavish yet unnecessary products established France further into personal debt. Anger of peasants came about due to France’s social privileges and ranks were quite unfair. For example, the next estate had no taille tax, as the third estate was the biggest and possessed the best taxes. The Enlightenment, the American Revolution of 1775 through 1783, and France’s political, social, and financial state in the full years before the outbreaks of revolts, all acted as stimuli to the anger of France’s citizens. This anger caused the three main phases of the French Revolution: the uprisings of peasants like the Storming of Bastille, the Crimson Terror which led to many unjust deaths, and the Thermidorean Reaction where the Committee of Public Security dropped its power. The incompetence of the monarchs led the French authorities in great desperation, and out of the desperation, France was pressured to call the 1st Estates-General meeting s...

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Business structure canvas
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