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The Effect of The Second World War on Life In Croydon Essay

The Impact of The Second World War on Life In Croydon "War really came into Croydon on August 15, 1940 when Croydon Airport - familiar to many German pilots from pre-war times - had been attacked. It was the first significant raid on the Croydon Area"[1]. This is the entrance of the Second World War to Croydon and its civilians. From then on many more bombs of all sort were lost and several civilians in Croydon were severely hurt and killed. The Second World War began in 1939 when Britain declared war on Germany. However there were not any major strikes on each other to get a good part of a year. This period was known as the Phoney or Bore war[two] together with neither making the first move. In this time the authorities recruited several civilians that were not already fighting in the war directly to assist with the war effort in a variety of ways. The Home Guard currently called Dad's Army has been created. Their main job was to be the very first line of defence against a foreign invasion but thankfully they were not needed. Girls were encouraged to operate in Ammunition and Weapon factories, which contributed to the war effort. Evacuation of children to the countryside from the cities[3] also happened. This was no exception in Croydon. Many children from universities in Croydon were evacuated to the countryside. Many children refused to go and people who travelled were scared and missed their parents a lot. "At this I rebelled, threw a tantrum, burst into tears and refused to proceed which should have been unsettling for the rest of my course"[4]]. This is from the memoirs of both J.B Gent who dwelt in Croydon during the war. Resources similar to this must be rather reliable as the person/s has been t.. .

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