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Dickens' Aims At A Christmas Carol Essay

Dickens' Aims at a Christmas Carol In 'A Christmas Carol', ' Dickens is trying to get across into the wealthy people of society that the gap between their lives and those of the bad. He does so by using Scrooge, who personifies the rich folks. It's set at Christmas period in early Victorian times, a time of giving and compassion. This signifies that the wealthy should contribute to the poor, especially in a joyous time like Christmas. Dickens saw the cold, dreadful conditions that the poor were living in and thought that he needed to do anything about it, so that he wrote 'A Christmas Carol'. He sees the rich people as people with the capacity to change the poor people's own lives. It is the rich who need to get educated regarding the power they need to modify matters for the advantage of the poor. The poor also have to get educated so that they can earn cash for themselves. The tool that Dickens uses is Scrooge, he's a part of the issues and he portrays exactly what the wealthy people were really like. The wealthy people were the equivalent to Scrooge. He utilizes Scrooge to demonstrate the wilful ignorance of the rich. Although Scrooge can afford to support the bad, he just does this through paying his taxes that go towards the workhouses and treadmill. Scrooge is a miser; he also does not wish to give anything away. When Scrooge's clerk requests for Christmas day off work: 'It's not convenient' Said Scrooge, 'and it's not fair. If I was to prevent half-a-crown for this, you'd think yourself ill used, I'll be dumb?' Scrooge is quite selfish here. He can certainly afford to not get his clerk in for the most festive time of committing in the season but Scrooge would like to dismiss the period of year and ca...

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