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The Loss of life of Alexander the Great Essay

In the yr 324 BC, Alexander, on the method to Babylon, arrived to his traditional summer months escape of Ecbatana. Right now there, he kept a substantial celebration in honor of Dionysus in which it can be thought up to 3,000 Ancient greek artists had been brought to offer entertainment. Night time after evening, luxurious taking in celebrations ensued in which Alexander and Hephaestion, (his expected alter ego) unquestionably took part in. It all was during this correct period of luxurious special event that Hephaestion became sick and caught a high fever. Hephaestion's physician Glaucias put him on a strict diet and monitored his health. At initial, this made an appearance to end up being operating until on the seventh day time of Hephaestion's disease, Glaucias proceeded to go to the theatre and Hephaestion chose to disregard the physician's tips. Hephaestion proceeded to consume a entire poultry and consumed a half-gallon of chilled wines at breakfast time. He thereafter died shortly. When Alexander was told of Hephaestion's illness, he hurried to become with him but Hephaestion acquired handed aside currently. Alexander was devastated by this loss today. Arrian states that "for two days after Hephaestion's death, Alexander tasted no food and took no care of his body..." (7.14.8). It is normally thought that Alexander experienced Glaucias performed broadly, blaming him for Hephaestion's unexpected death. Alexander was also thought to possess razed the forehead of Asclepius, the god of recovery. Alexander's sadness at Hephaestion's loss of life experienced no limitations (Plutarch, 72.3). Plutarch produces: "Moreover, producing battle a comfort for his suffering, he proceeded to go on to search and monitor down guys, as it had been, and confused the country of the Cossaeans, slaughtering them all from the youngsters up-wards. This was known as an giving to the tone of Hephaestion (72.4). An tremendous amount of at least...

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