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Boot Camps Essay

Boot Camps The background and explanation of how these institutions have been operated The increase in violent behaviour amongst America's youth has motivated the implementation of more effective rehabilitation methods. With the percentage of non-violent criminals on the upswing, prison incarceration or juvenile detention doesn't seem to be the ideal solution for rehabilitation. In December 1983 a new idea appeared in Giorgia. This new idea was shock incarceration or boot camp. These temporary institutions would be the beginnings of a tendency to attempt to help with the rehabilitation attempts of young criminals. Throughout the first years the vast majority of their juvenile justice system did not accept this notion with only four institutions existing by 1987. That trend did not last long. With the rise in juvenile violence and improved media coverage of juvenile violence which number exploded to 46 institutions working in thirty states just five years after the idea had been introduced. Boot camps are associations that rehabilitate non-violent offenders. In the beginning these associations were just created for youthful male offenders with ages ranging from 11 to 17. The early participants were hand selected and classified as being the strongest or readily manipulated by his environment. Ordinarily first time non-violent criminals were selected for this program and completion of the program would enhance their sentence. "Boot camp programs operate below a military-like routine wherein young offenders convicted of less serious, nonviolent offenses are restricted for a brief time period, typically from 3 to 6 months. They are given close supervision while being subjected to a demanding regimen of rigorous discipline, physical training, practice,...

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