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CREATED ON 20th March 2018

Motiveless Malignity and O Essay

In his critique of Tim Blake Nelson’therefore, Patrick Finn uttered the modern adaptation of Othello for its superficiality expression, “in this Othello, true anger stems from the steroids and cocaine that rich children take to enhance performance,” and “malignity, in this way, is no more motiveless, but is instead due to poor parenting” (85). The film departs from its source material by trying to describe Hugo’s duplicity through a distressed, if necessary, need for attention. Consequently, the film eliminates the ambiguity and effect of Iago’s “motiveless malignity,” and the death has far-reaching consequences on the overarching concept of this movie. Iago gives numerous reasons for his duplicitous activities throughout Othello. In the opening scene he tells Roderigo that although three handsome men of this city told Othello to name Iago because his lieutenant, Othello instead chose Cassio, that Iago describes as a guy “that not set a squadron in the area/ Nor the division of a battle knows/ greater than a spinster вЂ" unless the bookish theoric,/ Wherein the togaed consuls can propose/ As masterly as he” (I.i 23-27). This envy after being passed up for promotion in favour of Cassio is most similar to the reasons given for Hugo’s actions so, but it is expanded in the film to add yet another personality who overlooks Hugo: Hugo’s father. Iago has no family besides his wife, nevertheless Hugo is given a basketball trainer for a father to reinforce that jealousy would be the cornerstone for Hugo’so activities. Furthermore, Hugo’s father is also fulfilling the role of the Duke, however Iago and the Duke have no actual connection in the drama. The movie opens with Hugo speaking over almost ridiculous footage of doves saying: All of my life I've always wanted to fly. I always wished to live like a h.. .

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