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The Call of the Wild Versus Into the Wild Essay

Chris McCandless and Buck serve as examples of this archetype of the crazy through their experiences of leaving where they feel most comfy and answering the call of the wild. They reveal that every encounter is inimitable because the wild is unique to each person. For Buck, the crazy is a place outside of civilization and his reliance on man, where the outside dangers of character exist and that he must establish himself as a real monster using instincts for survival. In McCandless' case, the location outside of culture is actually an escape out of his fears because the crazy because of him is in relationships, in which the danger of intimacy exists and he must learn to trust others for happiness. This is because for all us, the more wild is that which we fear, a location outside of our comfort zone and, as McCandless' adventure shows, not necessarily a physical location. To leave to this call of the crazy we must leave everything that makes us feel secure, and we have to make ourselves completely vulnerable to the crazy. McCandless and Buck show that in order to successfully respond to the call of the crazy we need to relinquish control and shed our defenses, until ultimately the fear subsides and we all find peace together as well as with our surroundings. In The Call of the Wild, Buck finds relaxation in his connections with man. When he is originally removed from Judge Miller's home in Santa Clara Valley, he's awarded his first exposure to the rampant where, "every day life and limb were in peril" (London 31). But soon he sees himself not entirely prepared to leave civilization and answer the call of the wild, because he needs to first experience love. Buck establishes a connection with John Thornton, and "enjoy, genuine passionate love, was his to the fir...

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