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CREATED ON 20th March 2018

Essay on Education Reform at California

California's entire educational system doesn't have to be altered in order for it to succeed. In the past, the educational system functioned and created several powerful and productive members of society. Change to the whole system is not what California needs, however what it will need will change to your policies and procedures. Altering these few policies and processes can greatly benefit California's educational system. This excellent nation and this wonderful state have the perfect ideas, now it only needs to take its existing instructional structure and create a few modifications and then we will be back on the perfect track. The education policy in California provided quality analysis for the K-12 instruction difficulties. "The dilemma of leadership kicks off with a review of the impacts of the national stimulation of our colleges for not just the immediate effect but also the consequences down the road for California colleges" (Weis). The impact of the stimulation would be to make certain that our colleges are guarded and is given the resources necessary for the students to learn. "California recently joined twenty-four other nations in a education compact that makes it a lot easier for the children of military personnel to move from school to college" (Weis). This indicates that the average military student will possess things a little easier when he or she's going from school to school. "Among the difficult budgetary choices lots of districts face is when and how to rearrange school boundaries and intimate colleges" (Weis). This is due to the security problems, student registration, and to minimize the transport for the students so they do not need to cross as many significant highways and streets. The policies in education should remain the way it's, but it's its issue...

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