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Writer The Topic of Uncertain Journey from the Bean Trees

The Theme of Uncertain Journey from the Bean Trees Uncertain journeys are numerous in Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees. Many characters from the book put their current lives aside to go off in hopes of finding a better person. By embarking on these travels, the storyline lines start and finish with risk taking. Taylor's go away from Pittman and her accepting Turtle, Louann not going after her husband, and the many risks of Estevan and Esperanza, create conflicts that drive the storyline of The Bean Trees. While climbing up Taylor knows that she has no desire to live the life span of the typical young woman from Pittman. She states, "Mama always said barefoot and pregnant wasn't my style." (3) Taylor finally made a decision to take a threat, she left her home and all that she'd known since growing up and began her old '55 Volkswagen outside on the street for a new lifestyle. While in Oklahoma, Taylor recieved an Indian child from a woman claiming that the child's mom had died and that the baby girl had no one else. Taylor named the baby "Turtle" and headed out with her and dangers that went with raising a baby. Eventually settling in Arizona, Taylor had driven throughout the nation with very little money and obtained a baby she understood nothing about. As when the risks were not enough already, the search for a job and somewhere to live were still ahead. Taylor eventually found a room she adored, a room partner Louann, also, a work in a neighborhood tire enterprise. Since she had been a young girl Taylor had a panic of tires. She.

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