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Game-Based Learning (GBL) Tools Essay

The perfect of interactive, highly-engaging instruction and instruction is historical. A Chinese proverb states: "Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand." On the other hand, the gap continues to grow between antiquated, passive training procedures and a workforce which lives an ever more interactive, multimedia, user-controlled way of life. Together with game-based learning tools to bridge this gap comes the promise of more productive and engaged students and workers--ones who embrace learning. There are two approaches to games and learning, namely, Game-Based Learning (GBL) and also gamification. GBL, also known as 'Serious Games', that are computer or video games made for a primary purpose (education or solving an issue) besides entertainment. This entails using simulations to support teaching and learning. Gaming simulation is an interactive-learning environment which makes it possible to cope with authentic scenarios that closely mimic reality. According to Kip Kelly (2013) "serious games can allow players to apply what they have learned in an L&D [Learning and Development] experience and apply it in a safe, simulated environment. As an example, health care professionals may practice a new medical procedure employing a serious simulation game before introducing it at the workplace". There have been a number of studies conducted on serious and learning games, for example, a recent analysis from the Office of Naval Research found that video game players performed ten to twenty percent better at perceptual and cognitive ability compared to non-game players, and that video games assisted adults process information faster(Steinberg,2012). Another study from the Federation of American scientists found that pupils re...

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The Meaning of Love in GilgameshGilgamesh is a legendary of great like, followed by ongoing grief that creates a significant difference in character. Is it doesn't story of any person who is usually feared and honored, an individual who loves and hates, a person who wins and loses and a person who lives life. Gilgamesh's journey is usually larger than existence, yet ends so commonly with fatality. Through Gilgamesh, the fortune of mankind is uncovered, and the inescapable..
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Ethical worksheet essay
1 ) What is the ethical concern or trouble? Identify the issue succinctly. The probation expert has to generate a presentence investigation survey for the husband's trial. The devoir officer has to keep in concern that this previous DUI is the husband's third conviction, the only one being after his armed forces service.The typical sentence for the third period offense usually begins at a minimum of ninety days in guardianship. The husband, yet , has a record diagnosing..
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