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CREATED ON 19th March 2018

Hip Jump as an Market Essay

All of the content worked with hip jump as an market and how that market is definitely described to Africa People in america through the commercialization of hip jump and stereotypes in culture. The content also talk about how the views are affected by that portrayal of African-american Us citizens to others and themselves. The first article, “About a Actuality or Income? - Rap’s Recurrent Conflict” by Alan Light, explains the evolution of hip hop from the various camps to become what it is today - a mix of the gangster rap it was from the beginning and the rap pop that grew out of it. Rappers sensed that no matter how visual they had been they would sell cds, and at the same period show dedication to their road culture. Many stated this was the entire stage of rapping. San Francisco rapper Rome stated that “[y]verybody gets into hip hop simply to obtain the dollars or obtain the popularity” (Light 143). Others think that money and fame should not and have not been the sole reason. Light explains this when he says: Rap is about giving voice to a black community otherwise underrepresented, if not silent, in the mass media. It has always been and remains linked to the streets from which it came directly. (144) Although many hip hop and rap artists are only in it for the money and fame, others are in it for a way to get their message out, taking into accounts performers like Lupe and Common Disaster. To these entertainers, money is an added incentive. I experience that many performers should possess this true method of watch, of making their songs meaningless just to generate income instead. The second article, “Commercialization of the Rap Music Youth Subculture” by M. At the Blair, conveys the stage of the use of hip hop music to sell a item also though marketers understand nothing at all of the subculture....

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