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The Cultural Revolution Which Took Place in China Essay

Overview In the past couple of years China is rapidly becoming the nation that has stolen all the jobs from the USA. Maybe there is something to be gained from studying the way the Chinese people do things and what they see as significant. The Cultural Revolution that happened in China greatly changed how the Chinese do matters. Beginning in 1966 this revolution ended "Old China" viewed and did matters. Mao Zedong had a different strategy for China, one that desired to remove the liberty that Chinese had experienced in the years before (Nakate 1). After Zedong expired the Chinese People were able to return to what they had been before. "The modern Chinese culture is a combination of Communism, economic changes, and the older traditions of China" (Nakate 1). While I don't agree with Communism, other things which China has been performing for so long appear to be functioning. Perhaps it is simply because the people are so blessed they do not know any better. History is something which needs to be considered when looking at the culture of the Chinese. "Take into account the past and you'll know the present" (Samover 82). This Chinese Proverb clearly says that if you'd want to know what the present is like then they will need to look at the past. Quite simply a culture is characterized by its history. The Chinese people have a market driven economy that has helped them to become one of the superpowers on the planet. They've turned into a significant player on the world stage, which is signaled by the fact that China's GDP is was the third largest in 2007, and I imagine it may have moved up since then (Samover 84). The simple fact that they have become so powerful, in light of the Communist background, is probably the driving variable in the dislike tha...

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Just how Technology Has Positively Afflicted Society about DefenseDefense Technology has come a long way considering that the early nineteen hundreds. Together with the invention of tanks and planes each of our country experienced it had an adaquate defense, but as technology improved within the opposition side so emerged the demand for much more improved defense measures. For example in World Battle II Indonesia was producing mass amounts of war equipment that was bigger..
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