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Essay about Music from the Classroom

Music in the Classroom At Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences there are eight main intelligences of varying degrees in every person. In schools now linguistic and logical intelligences are most strongly stressed leaving the other intelligences to be used outside the classroom. Sometimes even scheduled time to its usage of different intelligences is ignored: "Often teachers let students do their assignments in the phases which are assigned to course songs while they occupy themselves with different activities like finishing the attendance register," (Van der Lind 610). Music is among these six intelligences, abandoned to being used away from the classroom, and abandoned within, together with the ability to link pupils to learning in a different manner than via immediate linguistic or logical relations. An advancement in teaching has to be made to permit students a different pathway to link to topics and the present curriculum ought to be changed to incorporate the musical intellect as this pathway. Teaching styles would also must be changed to incorporate a more audio oriented style of learning. This change should be made smoothly starting with the youngest children, and totally altering the teaching styles and curriculum before students can learn the present kind of teaching. Teachers of young children have heard most of their teaching methods over the years only from working with the pupils. The most predominating theme is: "Play and audio are related activities and therefore are significant for your child's advancement to a well-rounded adult. Thus, it's very important that play and music should be included in the early childhood curriculum" (Van der Lind 610). These teachers have learned through working w.. .

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