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Good vs. Evil in John Cheever's The Five-Forty-Eight Writer

Good vs. Evil in John Cheever's The Five-Forty-Eight John Cheever has been an award winning American author of the twentieth century. His job frequently possessed 'emotional and religious vision' with central topics of 'sin, sin, and redemption' (Kennedy, 551). Cheever's short story entitled 'The Five-Forty-Eight' portrays a struggle of good vs. evil. Adhering to the themes of sin, deception, and redemption, we read of a young girl (great) seeking revenge for the evil done to her. Through the course of the story the reader can distinguish between the characteristics of good and bad. The Webster's dictionary defines bad as 'what is morally incorrect' Blake has some different morality problems. Blake, the evil force from the narrative, owns many character defects which are indicative of the drive he portrays. He's self-absorbed, manipulative, and shallow and has isolated himself from his friends and family. Blake pushes his connections to give to his sexual desires, which will be our first sign of his wicked series. He yells with Mrs. Dent, his secretary, and proceeds to shoot her. As a consequence of Blake?s many one night of stands, in which he manipulates women to sleep with him, he loses his spouse, son, and friends. He is so incredibly shallow and self-involved that he married his wife for her beauty alone; he also has no attraction for her at her old age. He does not even pretend to appreciate his wife ? The physical charms that were her only attraction were gone? (554).) His neighbors and neighbors hear about the wicked Blake has done to his own wife, and because of this they reject Blake as a friend. His self-involved attitude prevents him from caring that he has no companions. When his neighbor, Mrs. Compton, cannot give him a genuine smile, we r.. .

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