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Vietnam War Memory and the Nixon Administration Essay

The battle finished arming the collective memory of the Vietnam War is a battle over reinterpreting America, and it began even before the end of the war, and proceeds to the present moment. George Orwell outlined the significance of such struggles in his book 1984: "Who controls the past controls the future; that controls the present controls the past." Since national leaders always assume a leading role in the development of an official memory of traumatic events in a nation's history, the report begins with Nixon's efforts in redefining and reconstructing the war. Nixon Administration's: the Reconstruction of Collective Memory Nixon's approach to the war had been seen as Birchesque. He redefined the war by resorting to this justification of POW/MIA, also successfully rebuilt American's memory of this war. After the anti-war movement criticized these measures, Nixon did what any Bircher would do: he also decried the anti-war movement as a communist conspiracy that has been prolonging the war and that deserved to be treated as an internal security threat. Meanwhile he resisted the war by creating a fantasy of POW/MIA, also successfully established new visions of the war for Americans. Nixon campaigned for president in 1968 as a peace leader by promising to bring the troops home, and his effort was also under the slogan that he'd end the war in Vietnam and bring "peace with honor" and he reiterated it in the coming years. At the next Frost interview he worried his actions had been "to attempt to win an honorable peace overseas". However, this is just half of the narrative, and we should explain the offender of "honor" here. This is what he said just in the interview: '' The actions I took with amazing reluctance, but admitting that I needed to...

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