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The Power of Angels in America Essay

The Power of Angels in America   "Such ethical possibility is, however, founded on and coextensive with the subject's move toward exactly what Foucault calls 'care of itself,' the frequently quite delicate concern to provide the self with nourishment and pleasure within an environment that is perceived not particularly to offer them." -Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick "Demanding that existence around AIDS is a other fact denies our capacity to recreate a sustaining culture and societal structures, even as we are daily needed to devote this time to the specifics of the AIDS crisis." -Cindy Patton Tony Kushner's two-part play (or, if you can, two plays) Angels In America is one of most famous and strongest plays about AIDS and gay life to come from the early 1990s. It not only contrasts with the political problems surrounding AIDS and homosexuality at Reaganite America, but also copes with deeply philosophical concerns of identity and the nature of God. It is no surprise that this play has sparked opinion, including the criticism of the conservative right. In this paper, I intend to examine two of the articles written on this drama. The first, Gordon Rogoff's "Angels in America, Devils at the Wings," is very debatable, and mistakes of fact that the writer makes about the drama lead me to wonder in its own value for evaluation. The second article, Charles McNulty's "Angels in America: Tony Kushner's Theses on the Philosophy of History" pose some hard questions concerning the plays' relationship to the concept of history, asserting that Millennium Approaches1 deconstructs history while Perestroika moves out from this deconstruction. According to McNulty, this is an issue at the second part of the pla...

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