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Standardized Education Bill Essay

Section One: This costs will reform the training system. Every teacher will keep their current job so long as they pass the brand new standardized ensure that you certifications placed into place, with all states within america of America abiding by these reforms. Section Two: Typically the united states spends about $15 thousand per student, and places 17th in the developed world. Compare and contrast that to Finland, the very best nation for education, who normally spends a little significantly less than eight thousand dollars per college student and includes a 100% literacy rate, and the best rank of research and math scores. Lack of funds is not the cause for the United States’ failing education system definitely. With the world’s top striving system showing results while spending only half of what US does, the problem of not seeing the results we are “paying will not lie with amount of cash itself for”, but what it really is being spent on. The US must move beyond the essential notion of creating human capital, and recognize that which makes it through the educational school system does not make you great nor does it guarantee greatness. The focus ought to be shifted to applied learning, and an education which will benefit every individual student later in life, not only looking to get a specific letter or number marked near the top of their paper. As a country we have to concentrate on not just a well rounded education, but a well curved support program of education. Creating something that matches everyone’s needs is difficult, and making everyone fit a operational program is unrealistic. It really is no secret that not many people are fit for college, and there shouldn't be a stigma connected with not likely to college. Focus ought to be shifted on guiding college students with their strengths, and whether leading them to seeking advanced academics.

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