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Intonation Patterns in the English Spoken by English Mentors Essay

The range of the study The Informants have been selected from APIIITs. This analysis was limited to the evaluation of 30 informants, from which 19 are male and 11 are feminine. All the decisions of the study are strictly based on, and limited to the information recorded and collected from the chosen thirty informants. The intonation patterns of these specimens are done purely depending on the auditory impressions of the listed data. Procedure In describing intonation patterns of the Informants, Received Pronunciation was taken as the standard for purposes of contrast because of the following reasons. • British English is thought of as intelligible all over the world. • Novels and audio materials derive from this variety are available globally. Choice of these Speakers The informants were chosen from speakers of the English and Telugu medium wallpapers. They all belong to distinct areas in Andhra Pradesh and they are all working in APIIITs, from every APIIIT, 10 informants were chosen. These areas are as follows: a. APIIIT-I: Idupulapaya or Rajiv Gandhi Valley, Y.S.R.District ( Kadapa). b. APIIIT-II: Basara (Adilabad District). c. APIIIT-III: Nuzvid (Krishna District). Data For this analysis, a contextually rich dialog has been chosen, this dialog has been taken from "Clear Speech: Pronunciation and Listening Comprehension in North American English" by Judy B. Gilbert (CUP 1984, 1993)." Although we've obtained a dialogue in North American English text, then the intonation marks which we used for original text are based on British English (RP). Meaning of Intonation The cables are capable of vibrating at varying degrees. Now, the number of cycles per second (cps) at which they vibrate is known as the f.. .

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