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CREATED ON 19th March 2018

Essay about Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

If a person were to get asked me in the beginning of the semester what is spirituality, I wouldn't have answered correctly. Without a doubt, I am sure I would have answered the issue for a synonym to faith, or a part of a faith at the least. In any situation, that is not the right answer, and I now know that. After looking farther into the topic and reading works written by well-known religious leaders and authors, I am now confident I know what spirituality is in addition to how to execute or practice it. Peace is Every Step, a publication written by a Vietnamese guy called Thich Nhat Hanh was just one of the readings that helped me to better understand what spirituality is. Hanh calls himself a Zen master, as well as being famous net for poetry and advocating for peace. Additionally, an article titled “What is Spirituality?” which comes in the book The Holy Longing, composed by Ronald Rolheiser, was an additional bit I gained religious understanding through. Lastly, an excerpt in the book Awakening the Buddha Within, titled “We Are All Buddhas” was also a key part of my knowledge on spirituality. ВЂњWe Are All Buddhas,” written by Lama Surya Das, a Lama who clinics at Kathmandu, gave me a whole lot of knowledge about why one should practice spirituality. Certainly, my understanding regarding spirituality as a whole has enhanced from these men. Based on a mixture of thoughts coming from the stated authors, I comprehend spirituality as believing in something and living for a purpose in life. Irrespective of a faith, folks may continue to be spiritual. Spirituality is the effect supporting a person’s actions; anything a person needs to do, will result in action and in turn, spirituality (Rolheiser 7). In accordance with Rolheiser, “Spirituality is mo.. .

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