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Writer on Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote Chronicle of a Death Foretold which involves magic precision and most importantly a murder that the book largely revolves round. That relies on a true murder which occurred in columbia. (Courtney Green).) For the main points which should be brought out of this is the interesting history on Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and what influenced him to write this particular novel about magic realism along with a murder, to mention exactly what happened in his culture which influenced him into writing this novel and the relationship of his civilization that it brings it into the book itself. The publication Overview of Chronicle of a Death Foretold begins with the narrator telling the reader about Santiago Narsar’s who is the the chief part of the story. Santiago lived with his mom, Placida Linero; their cook, Victoria Guzman; along with also her daughter, Divina Flor. Santiago’s father has died three years before. So that the family was left to Santiago to look after and maintain in good hands. 1 morning Santiago was on his way to meet with the bishop which was coming to the peir by boat to bless the union of Angela Vicario and Bayardo San Roman. However, what bayardo does not know is that his spouse to be isn't a virgin and she does not anticipate telling him that. After some time though she feels guilty about it and ends up telling him he leaves her to it and her mum is not happy about it either once she finds out about it as well. Then once her twin brothers find out that their sister Angela isn't a virgin that they ask her that took it from her and she does not tell them at first that did it but finally gives in once they threaten her so she tells them Santiago Narsar’therefore took her virginity so that they set out to murder him. The town people warn him ab...

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