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The Parasites of Atlas Shrugged Essays

The Parasites of Atlas Shrugged inside this planet, and in the world of Ayn Rand's creativity, there are two types of people: people who live to create, and people who wish to live as parasites feeding off the advantages of these creations. At Atlas Shrugged, she explores what could happen when the creators of the world stop producing; the parasites are left to try and stay by themselves. The novels that Miss Rand writes always reflect this sort of thing. She writes of the battle between both types of individuals as some write of their conflicts between good and evil. In reality, each side of the conflict may be shrouded in such conditions. These writings provide a comprehensive analysis of the 2 forces, and leave the reader with a profound sense of energy and inspiration.     The bunch of parasites, and also the novel labels them, "looters," live unworthy lives. The looters are people who prefer to not believe, to not behave, to not exist if at all possible. They attend insignificant social gatherings and follow, such as a mindless herd, the latest fashion trends. In Atlas Shrugged, the major social concern among these second-handers is that of equality in capitalism. It is impossible for them to provide, so they strike those that can. They pretend to act as champions for the underdog in an economy that seems to be falling apart. They think that everyone who operates solely for the sake of succeeding is evil, and has to be stopped. Those looters, who ride on the backs of such men and women, completely think that they are owed a lifetime since they exist. They feel they ought to be loved since they are living, not to get any accomplishment or display of value in their own part. To those people, the occurrence of anything innovative, strong, or fearless is a slap at the face, and that they adjus...

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