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Kids and Media Violence Essay

If I asked you how many people in the united states, children as well as adults, have noticed a commercial or advertisement, what would you say? I am sure many would concur that the answer many people would react with will be; a lot. Let me start off by giving you just an notion of just how much press exposure we Americans take in on a daily basis. According to Roy H. Williams, whose Wizard of Ads books have a large amount of relevant and very helpful details on media and Ad exposure and how they influence our society. Americans are faced by over 5,000 selling messages per day. Radio, tv, magazines, billboards and papers floating in a sea of store signage, posters, point-of-purchase displays and merchandise packaging. All in hopes to achieve our undivided attention and ultimately raise their gain through our intake of their marketed item. Furthermore, based on a 2010 analysis commissioned by the TVB or (Television Bureau of Advertising), "TV reaches over 80% of the overall population". Based on a 2010 census, the people of america is 308,745,538. That would mean that commercial advertisements have attained approximately 248,000,000 individuals through television. Now simply to clarify, that is just Commercial advertising by way of television. In light of this new information, at this point you have an idea just how many Americans are subjected to media advertisement. Kids are bombarded with enormous amounts of televised commercial ads. Here are only a couple figures in connection with children and the press; greater than 4 in 10 (43%) of kids below the age of two watch TV daily and nearly 1 in 5 (18%) watch movies or DVDs daily. 88% of parents with children below the age of two who watch TV daily state...

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