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Working Women Essay

"Male and female represent the two sides of the excellent radical dualism," wrote American journalist and women's rights advocate Margaret Fuller in 1843, "there is no wholly masculine man, no purely feminine woman... Nature provides exceptions to every rule" (((Margaret Fuller, Jeffrey Steele, The Essential Margaret Fuller, Page 310, American Women Writers, 1992))). Her announcement during the mid-nineteenth-century was symptomatic of the changing dynamics of the traditional office and household in Western Europe and North America as a result of rapid industrialisation, and developments in education and healthcare standards. This essay will discuss the way women that participate in this transformation and ventured into the office -- usually at low-skilled labour jobs - were reflected in art between 1750 and 1900. Depending on the visual evaluation of François Millet's The Gleaners (1857, fig. 1), Gustave Courbet's The Grain Sifters (1854, fig. 2) and Edgar Degas' The Ironers (1884, fig.3), I will explain how working girls were inoculated as sexually accessible and overworked. Many modern-day scholars, like feminist Janet Horowitz Murray [REFERENCE: Murray, Janet Horowitz (1982). Strong-Minded Women and Other Lost Voices from Nineteenth-Century England. New york: Pantheon Books. P. 179], say the perceived ideal place of women in the eighteenth and nineteenth-century was from activities connected with general life, such as politics or factories, and more concerned with private endeavours like maintaining the household and being a good mother. Although social historian Regina Markell Morantz has contended [REFERENCE:] that the overwhelming ma...

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