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Women in the Workforce Essay example

As the times change, so do the criteria. Women previously have been looked at as homemakers, housewives, subordinates. In this new century, this has shifted dramatically. Not only have girls sought extensive quantities of instruction, they have sought means to expand and solidify their abilities. Although women continue to face discrimination, the qualifications of the playing field have leveled out. As stated by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012), in 2011, women accounted for 47 percent of the workforce (ages 16 and over). Their occupations varied, as well as their marital status and their status for a mother. Also, as stated by the U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration (2011), 14 percent of families are headed by unmarried women, whereas only 6 percent of families are headed by single men. There are more households headed by women, which means more women are the only earners of income in their household. The office plays a vital role in the lives of women. Additionally, more women than men aged 24-35 earned college degrees according to 2007-2008 data (U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration, 2011). This is a more educated workforce together with the possibility to make an important impact in the fields of progress (e.g. innovation), knowledge transfer (e.g. training), and leadership (e.g. management). As a result, the policies of companies that employ women may have a positive or negative impact on their families, career development and earning potential, as well as the lifestyles of the ones that depend on them. Mary Van der Boon (2003) in her article titled, “Women in international management: An international perspective on women’s manners of leadership”, descri...

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Solar powerEnergy is a crucial part of life producing benefits of movement, high temperature, and development of electrical energy in many ways. Power producing electric power never works out causing lower environmental impact. Solar energy should be applied globally increasing living foreseeable future to improve architectural design in residential and commercial structures. With several billion persons across the world, living future could be one of the approaches..
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Essay about the tactics used by the u. t and the d. l. f in the vietnam war
The Tactics Used by the U. H and the In. L. Farrenheit in the Vietnam WarThroughout the Vietnam War, the United States required a completely diverseapproach than the National Freedom Front (NLF) when it came tomethods. America was more modern in their attacks, using their airpressure and intensely armed floor troops. Whereas the NLF only hadguerrilla practitioners, who stayed on the ground and attacked quickly.The initial tactic engaged the US usaf strategically bombing..
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