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Article about The First Emperor of China

Zhao Zheng was created in 259 BC, also at an old age he was quite aggressive and challenging. In age thirteen Zhao Zheng succeeded his father to rule China. He assumed complete power over China by age twenty-two and mastered through the Warring States period. He wanted to unify each of the states by the governmental, economic, and military strength of Qin State. This vision is what built the first famed empire in Western history, that the Qin Dynasty (221 BC -- 206 BC). Zhao Zheng has been the first ruler of a united China, so that he declared himself Qin Shi Haung, which means the very first emperor of China. Following China was merged, he passed several major economic and political reforms. He undertook huge projects, including the construction and joining of several parts of the Great Wall of China. He also worked to construct his massive tomb guarded by life-sized Terracotta soldiers, and a federal road system. He standardized writing and dimension during the Chinese Empire. During his reign, Qin Shi Huang burnt and stirred many novels and even buried some scholars alive, all to stop scholars from comparing preceding rulers to him. He ruled China until his death in 210 BC at the age of 49. After his death in 210 BC, the Qin Dynasty that he'd assembled quickly fell to ruins which ended in 206 BC. The Chinese people thought that ingesting long-lasting precious substances like jade, cinnabar or hematite could offer a long life to people who swallowed them. Gold has been considered particularly powerful, since it was a non-tarnishing metal. Some elixirs such as immortality such as mercury, sulfur, and arsenic have been broadly used, and most are ironically poisonous. These minerals weren't only used for immortality but also used for curing certai...

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The typical human are unable to live anymore than 3 days devoid of water. Most of the world's fresh water sources run dry and/or being contaminated, particularly in developing nations, leaving a large number of without secure water to imbibe. Only two and a half percent of the Earth's water is definitely freshwater, and fewer than one percent is available by human beings (not tied up in ice caps). That one percent of the Earth's water supply is likely to sustain..
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Ordinary People - HardshipsThe concept of the Ordinary People can be stated best in what of Honi Werner, " Some things cannot be foreseen or understood or blamed about anyone- they can just be experienced. Love, openly shared, is the only thing one can rely on to give these people strength for that endurance. " Ordinary Persons gives a great example of actual life and details many internal conflicts. This story about a boy's restoration after his brother's..
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