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Power, Control and the Cycle of Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic violence continues to be plaguing our society for several years. There are many abusive relationships, and the only question to ask is: why? The main answer is control. The controlling characteristic that men attribute to their masculinity is the cause to these abusive relationships. When men do not have control they feel their masculinity is threatened and they need to do something about it. This doesn't happen in only their relationships, but instead every aspect of life. Men are constantly in a battle for power and control whether it is at work, home, during sports, or in a relationship, this remains true. So that the only way for them to find this power is to allow them to be "guys"; rough, powerful, masculine, ones that demand and take power. Where's this thirst for management coming out of? Is it the natural structure of a man or is it a social construct? The answer is that it's the social construction of a patriarchy that results in this thirst for management due to fear. The fear is being emasculated, while it is by gayness, or femininity. Men use the fear generated from domestic violence to obtain control, but yet women do have some control in a relationship it is this vague border of just how much control that leads to domestic violence. Control is dominating over something or someone. The reason people want control is since control is power. Masculinity is always associated with control and power, while femininity is related to passivity and weakness. Since Allan Johnson says this is regarding the truth that "male dominance creates power differences between men and women" (248). So due to the fact that men hold positions of power they look more superior to girls producing these stereotypes about every sex. The reason this is importa...

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