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Utilization of Different Assessment Methods in Education Essay

Curriculum and Assessment Introduction Assessment has always been a part of schooling (Marwick, 2007). Our national focus on educational evaluation started when the article A Nation at Risk (1983) detailed the rising worries of vulnerability from US education. The journal comment focused particularly on the K-12 grades, also the troublesome issues dealing with higher education. National and State officials quickly agreed that assessment of student learning was that the method that all levels of education have to use to illustrate accountability (Marwick, 2007). This paper will cover traditional, reflective, selfand peer reviewed and portfolio assessment methods. Traditional Assessment clinics Faculty have always assessed student learning and assigned grades but often struggle to write objectives and evaluate student learning across all sections of a course or for all pupils from grade school through college level applications (Marwick, 2007). In the past, four-year faculty instructors have grappled with problems revolving assessment requirements, keeping students learning concentrated strictly in harmony with state assessment requirements. Recently, community colleges have shown a strong spirit of flexibility and innovation keeping standards that are still proportionate with local and state evaluation procedures. Often the toughest area of assessment is with the general education objectives. These should clarify what the institution intends students to understand and be able to do when they finish their degree program. Faculties must answer to challenging questions of how exactly they understand that students are really learning what is intended. Teachers often rely upon students’ in-class talks and pop quizzes together with personal observation...

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