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Sam Bass Essay

The Sun is gradually sinking. Birds are quitting to sing. You should be asleep, but instead, you are wondering in case you will. There is no way to earn money, you will have to find another way to help yourself. Forget about sleeping at a home, the cold ground is your mattress. All of your "friends" have disappeared, your canteen remains sterile, and if you go into town, you will surely be shot. As soon as you go wrong, you can not go back, as you're wanted. Dead or living. Sam Bass was born to Daniel and Elizabeth Jane Sheeks Bass on July 21, 1851 near a little town Named Mitchell, Indiana. He had a typical early youth, if you exclude the fact that he did not attend school. This was normal for children in the mid-1800's, because school was not yet a necessary endeavor, and many kids were such as Sam, used to tending the fields and animals of their parents' farms. His youth diverged from normality once he was just ten years old. His mother passed away through the arrival of her tenth child, and 3 years after, in 1864, Sam's father died. Being an orphan, his and his sisters went to live in the house of a cop, and in 1869, until he turned 18, he ran away from home. He had been looking for a new method of life. For a while, he worked in Mississippi for a local sawmill, and upon finding this was a fruitless job, chose to move on again. He packed up and headed west with no particular destination, and during the summer of 1870, he found himself in Denton, Texas. He met a guy by the name of Robert Carruth, also turned into a ranch hand in his farm just from Denton. He soon discovered that this wasn't the sort of career he wished to be famous for, and ended up back in Denton, using a newfound interest in racing horses. While Sam was.

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