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Death Over Lifestyle in Flaubert's Madame Bovary Essay

Death Over Existence in Flaubert's Madame Bovary Frequently in literature, a personality is found that is pretty memorable. Under no circumstances was this more accurate than in Flaubert's Madame Bovary. For some, Emma Bovary's action by the end of the novel was drastic and unneeded; others believed her loss of life to be the ultimate end of the organic progression of the tale. However, Emma's decision to commit suicide was not at all hard, yet came as a final resort. She got exhausted the rest of the choices she felt were obtainable, and in the long run made her plan predicated on finances, lost like, and the pure boredom of her existence. One inspiration for Emma's suicide was her monetary complications. She spent extravagant levels of her husband, Charles', cash on dresses, scarves, and house decorations. More income was expended for Emma's "music lessons," that have been actually her alibi on her behalf affair with Leon. Also, she had spent excess amount while preparing to elope with Rodolphe, a journey that never occurred. All Emma's debts piled-up, then came due simultaneously; she tried to place them out of her mind, to no avail. She even went so far as to beg cash from Rodolphe, her previous lover, who rejects her. After departing Rodolphe Emma is certainly angry; she's been dropped by her normal capability to reason, but could still decide (Roe 42). As she cannot neglect, she devised, in an instant of "Emma-style logic," the answer to her problems. Therefore, "...within an ecstasy of heroism, that produced her nearly joyous, she ran down the hill...and reached the chemist's store" (Flaubert 221-222). Once at the chemist's, she ingests a lethal dosage of arsenic frantically. It really is tragic that the only release from her problems Emma could see was death. Emma's failed like af...

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