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Essay on The Demise of Roger Chillingworth

Hawthorne used symbolism to represent how various human behaviours would impact life. He took these behaviors to the intense to emphasize their influence from the case of adultery. Roger Chillingworth had the function of the protagonist in this story. "Although he was originally the only character without a problem or a sin, he also became the one who performed the sins of all." ₂ He transformed into the embodiment of vengeance, Hawthorne further afield this character by portraying him as a specialist in most things alchemical. For the reader, this frees a subconscious relationship to the occult. Chillingworth creates a believable, if not exaggerated, even character in this publication. The man introduced as Roger Chillingworth was an intelligent, introspective, but marginally deformed older gentleman. We come to understand he was able to convince Hester to wed him even though he was a few years her senior. She had never felt love for Chillingworth and constantly described him as "without warm emotions." If this couple moved into America, he sent her ahead to set up their new home while he remained behind to finish their affairs in England. On Chillingworth's journey to America, he had "grievous mishaps by sea. ₁" He was then seized by the Indians and had spent the following two years trying to make his freedom so he could be reunited with his wife . He sees Hester as the one bright spot in a lifetime that has been otherwise cheerless. Roger Chillingworth finally achieved his goal of making it to the town where his wife resided. There he was, greeted with his wife standing on a scaffold wearing the scarlet letter A on her breast and holding a child. She immediately understood him as "a figure which irresistibly took possession of her idea...

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