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This self-portrait is the Final ever self-portrait painted by Vincent Essay

This self-portrait is your last ever self-portrait painted by Vincent van Gogh before he died on the 29th July 1890 as a consequence of a self-inflicted bullet wound. This self-portrait is your last ever self-portrait painted by Vincent van Gogh until he died on the 29th July 1890 as a consequence of a self-inflicted bullet wound. The very first thing that I notice when I look in the painting is the quantity of blue used to create the backdrop, the jacket and also the darker, shaded areas on van Gogh's face. I think van Gogh did so for a few reasons, * One reason may be to show the manner that he felt while he was painting, that could of been sad or "blue". This is a possibility as van Gogh was famous for his gloomy lifestyle that would finally result in him mutilating his ear following a disagreement with the artist Paul Gaugin, getting a voluntary patient at the St. Remy Mental Asylum and then finally, shooting himself in a suicide attempt and dying two weeks after. * Another reason for the exaggerated usage of blue may be down the fact that van Gogh wanted to make the reader feel as though it had been cold or icy in the painting. * One more reason may be to provide the impression that van Gogh is standing outside and the blue is the sky in the background. I can inform that van Gogh is not at a happy time in his life as his saying is gloomy and unhappy. I think the odd swirls in the background can be regarded as emblematic of his mental state at the time. Whilst van.

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