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United States' Grand Technique through the Cold War with Focus on the Conflict in Vietnam

Introduction - Evaluation of U.S. grand technique through the Vietnam War can't be fully understood without putting it in the context of the Chilly War and the international plan of “containment.” In this context, information reveal that realist, liberalist, and constructivist theories all contributed to U.S. grand strategy at that time. However, more descriptive analysis reveals that, while defensive realism was guiding foreign policy during this time period of the cold war, offensive realism was the predominant theory guiding U.S. grand technique in Vietnam. Body - Following the final end of Globe War II, the growth of Soviet impact into Eastern European countries and South East Asia led to its recognition as an evergrowing globe power. In a wire delivered from Moscow in 1946, addressing issues on unpleasant Soviet ideology advertising, U.S. diplomat George Kennan argued that the Soviets had been waging a continuing war against the thought of capitalism by assertively marketing their own style of communism. Kennan thought that the U.S. had a need to counter the Soviet sphere of impact in Eastern European countries with an alliance in Western European countries. This perceived danger and the thought of great power parity between your U.S. and the Soviet Union resulted in the adoption of realist methods to U.S. grand technique. Kennan’s recommendations were incorporated in to the 1947 Truman Doctrine, which later resulted in the defensive realist technique of containment being followed as a Cool War grand technique. In 1948, the Marshall Plan added an financial element to the containment technique. The Marshall Strategy was an financial aid program made to help rebuild European economies broken by WWII, while assisting avoid the spread of Soviet impact in Western European countries. The characteristics of realist grand strateg...

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